Corkscrew Perm Rod Curls + Fortify’d Naturals Review (YouTube)

I achieved this style using the thin, long blue perm rods on wet hair, with the Fortify’d Natural’s Product line. This set lasted me 6 days and this is one of my favorite brands. The coils start off tight and small but loosen up beautifully over time.

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  • This video includes:
    • Product review of Fortify’d Naturals
    • Corkscrew Perm Rod Curls using  the Coil and Rod Technique
      • plus separating, fluffing/picking
    • Nighttime routine and morning routine
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day hair
  • Maintenance:
    • With Fortify’d Naturals, I only need to add additional moisture by applying some to my finger and coiling the curls every few days versus every day.
      • The Hydration Potion doubles up a moisturizer.
  • Tips:
    • Practice makes perfect! The more you try, the better you get!
    • Use LOC/LCO method when styling.
    • Embrace your texture and differences!
    • Embrace the frizz!

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