Crochet Braids w/ Havana Twists (YouTube)

This was my first time ever doing these and it was super easy. Although the length is a little overwhelming at first, the hair is not heavy at all because I did not cover each inch of the cornrows but instead I installed the twists in staggered layers, just enough to cover the corn rows. I kept this style in for maybe 3 weeks to a month but probably could have gone twice as long.

  • This video includes:
    • how many packs of hair
    • what kind of hair (brand and color)
    • cornrow pattern
    • full installation
    • styling options
    • time it took to complete
  • Maintenance:
    • I sprayed leave-in conditioner on the cornrows and oiled my scalp several times a week.
    • I lightly washed my hair by massaging my scalp and refrained from touching the twists.
  • Tip:
    • In order to have an effective protective style experience, make sure you are still moisturizing and cleansing if possible.

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