First Perm Rod Set Tutorial (YouTube)

Sooo this is my very first tutorial ever.  I did no kind of prep or planning, I just sat down and went for it 😆 . I will be doing an updated Perm Rod Set tutorial with more details in the future but this is how I do a basic set. At this time, I was only getting 2-3 days out of my sets.

  • This video includes:
    • Product suggestions
    • Spiral rodding technique
      • Securing roots
    • Separation and fluffing/picking
    • Day 2 Pics
  • Maintenance:
    • I tie a scarf around my edges and bonnet my curls (see slider)
    • Apply moisture as needed
  • Tips:
    • Practice and adjust for better and longer results!
    • Embrace your texture, volume and length! No one’s hair is going to look just like mine but the beauty in natural hair is the amazing amount of variety we have!
    • Use products that have moisturizing elements.
    • Style with the LOC/LCO method in mind.
    • Don’t cake on too many layers of product.
    • If your hair takes too long to dry, try switching products. Some products make my dry-time significantly longer.

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