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I’m so excited to be able to share the Soul Natural Blog by Daye with the world!

Not only will this be the number one source of everything @DayeLaSoul and my hair, my vision is to also bring on other bloggers and have this website be a source of information for curly, coily, and kinky chicks of all hair types and skin color, in addition to being a source of empowerment by spreading awareness on issues and positivity that occurs with our community. (which is why I opted out of doing www.dayelasoul.com–I want this to be bigger than me).

But let me back track a second for the newcomers! My name is Daye, known as @DayeLaSoul in the natural hair community. I am a hair enthusiast, turned influencer and now officially a blogger! I was literally drawn into sharing my natural hair journey on Instagram by requests of my followers, turned curlfriends, who noticed the healthy changes in my hair overtime and thanks to your continued support, I am here today presenting my official blog! You, yes you, my fellow naturalista and curlfriend, are my motivation on this blogging journey!!! I take pride in having been a reliable source of information and inspiration and I can’t wait to see where this blog takes us!

People ask me how I got started and whats my secret to success and my answer is always My Followers and their trust and faith in me. It was my followers who requested that I post the products that I used then encouraged me to do pictorials on Instagram. It was my followers who then told me to get on YouTube. And guess what, it was you who let me know I’ve outgrown Instagram as my primary platform and it was time for me to put my passion into this blog!

So THANK YOU! Thank you for the motivation, the support, the discussions, the lessons, and helping me discover something I am extremely passionate about. It sounds corny but I am truly honored to be in a position to show off our #BlackGirlMagic by encouraging women to embrace and find beauty in our God-given womanhood in a culture that’s tells us we need “fixing” when in reality it is society that is what’s broken.


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