Silk-Wrap (Pictorial & Vid)

Straighten Natural Hair

No Flat Iron, No Blow dryer!

This is a silk-wrap I did in the summer of 2015. I loved this style before I fell in love with my curly hair. I will do a full YouTube video on this style but until then, here’s a step by step pictorial with a vid!


FYI if you have a different texture, this may require different products and some modifications, but it is possible for all hair types, including 4C hair (click here for examples). However, if you hair has excessive dryness and breakage this may not work too well without a straightener but I still encourage you to try it because you won’t know until your try!

  • Wash & condition.
    • I make sure to use moisturizing products (but not heavy) from the beginning because you cannot apply moisture after you roll until you’re done.
    • I cowash, sometimes deep condition, and apply leave-in.
  • Set with a foam wrap using snap magnetic rollers.
    • I’ve only done this with foam wraps and only seen it done with foam, I can’t speak on other products.
    • I stick to snap rollers  because it is hard to get my roots held stretched and I find that snap rollers keep them stretched tightest, although not perfectly.
      • (these were a gift from like 2010, I can’t even remember who gave them to me)


  • Dry & take down rollers.
    • I sit under a hooded dryer for all roller sets (not to be confused with rods), these rollers are entirely too big and floppy for me to even fathom sleeping on  😆
    • DO NOT apply any moisture! Moisture has water and it will cause your hair to revert in the next step.


  • Apply silicone-based product & wrap head tightly with plastic wrap.
    • Again, DO NOT apply moisture. Apply a silicone-based product, any will do.
    • I wrap as flat as possible, the flatter and tighter, the less puffy your roots will be–My good friend is a stylist and when she wrapped it flat for me, my hair was sooooo sleek.
    • I start with the wide tooth comb to then the paddle brush–this is the hardest part for me and wrapping does make a big difference.


  • Sit under a hooded-dryer for 5-10 mins.
    • Make sure you do not start sweating, it will revert.
    • Sitting under the indirect heat opens your cuticles to allow the silicone product to penetrate and create the silk effect.
      • silicone does have a bad rep in the natural hair community but read up on it here for yourself.
    • I have applied more product and re-wrapped in the past when one section didn’t turn out like the rest.
  • Remove and unwrap.
    • Do not expect the same “flowiness” of a blow-out.
    • I loosen the wrapped hair lightly with a comb then, take my hair down with my fingers and fluff. I do not comb through because I don’t want to disturb those big curls (see quick vid).
    • You can apply some moisture–I don’t recommend anything heavy.
    • My roots are thick with this style (you can see if you look closely).
      • To hide it I don’t wear a clear part, I apply edge control, and embrace it.
      • After wrapping at night for a couple nights, my roots flatten out some.
  • Night time.
    • Some nights I wrap my hair.
    • Some nights I put it in four flexi rods.

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