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Marley Crochet Braids (YouTube)

Long Crochet Braids w/ Marley Hair

My first time doing this protective style with marley hair! I love it and I can’t believe this is actually crochet braids/marley hair giving me such soft-looking bouncy curls!!!

I love to film my first attempts at styles because I know the information will be thorough, seeing as how I just learned for myself watching other YouTubers for inspo(Nanciee and AseaMae). I only plan on keeping this style in for two weeks. I’ve had them in for 6 days so far and the curls are holding up. I’m thinking a re-curl once a week unless you don’t mind the frizz, which looks more natural and textured in my opinion

This video includes:
How many packs of hair + brand.
Braid pattern.
Full installation.
Time it took to complete.

Pineapple at night with a scrunchie and tie scarf so the curls are left out.
Spray marley hair with some synthetic hair spray.
Spray my braids with a leave-in and oil my scalp.
Re-rod once a week.

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6 thoughts on “Marley Crochet Braids (YouTube)”

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