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Meet this beautiful soul, @Actually_Ashly

Tell us about your journey…

Ashly Rodriguez. Located in Boston, Ma. I’ve been natural for 1 year and 7 months. What made me return to natural was because my hair was starting to break off because all I did was straighten it.

 I transitioned by accident. I moved and couldn’t find a salon to relax my hair. My new growth kept growing and growing. After a year with no relaxer I returned to my normal salon and had the chance to relax it again or just chop off the relaxed ends and actually see what it’s like to have my curly hair again. So I told my hair stylist. “Cut it.” After I cut it, I still continued to straighten my hair cause I had no idea how to style my  natural hair. It wasn’t until my hair started breaking off more  where I stopped and said, there has got to be a different way. This is when I started exploring natural hair styles and trying them out. This is what got me into sharing my experience with others. I wanted to show them “hey I’m on a journey to healthy hair, join me as I learn and try new styles and finally let go of the flat iron I was addicted too.”

Your biggest struggle and proudest moment with your hair?

My biggest struggle with my hair was letting go of heat. Because I damaged my hair with not knowing how to properly straighten my hair. I’m not doing heat for a year to give my hair a much needed break.
My proudest moment was realizing that I actually prefer my natural hair instead of straightening it everyday like I used too. I’m proud that from me really taking the time and taking care of my hair that it’s the longest and healthiest it’s ever been in my life.

What’s your regimen and top 3 brands?

My top 3 brands. That’s a tough one but I’ll have to say right now it is Shea Moisture, Fortifyd Naturals and 2Curls1Mission.

I like moisturizing my hair with refreshing sprays. I also like mixing water and a leave in to refresh and moisturize my hair each morning. If I do a perm rod set I like to moisturize my hair with a little bit of TGIN daily moisturizer. I detangle my when I apply my deep conditioner. I used a wide tooth comb and a denman brush.
I wash my hair once a week. Shampoo every other week and cowash the other weeks. When I do you shampoo I really just focus on my scalp instead of my entire hair shaft. I deep condition my hair weekly and protein treatments every 4-6 weeks. I try to get my hair trimmed every 4 months.
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Braid & Curl Tutorial HERE

Your go-to or favorite style(s)?

My go to styles right now are my wash n gos (tutorial) and braid and curl. These are my quick and easy styles and they always last me a good amount of days.



Who are your hair crushes?

My hair crushes are of course @DayeLeSoul! Since day one!
My girls over at the @thecurlybunch, @jd_winters, @itsmyrayeraye, @markele.dejanae, and @JoyJah
Is that too many?! Lol

Advice for new naturals?

My advice to new naturals will be enjoy the journey and have PATIENCE. It’s not going to be a walk in the park but it will be worth it. Don’t feel discouraged when styles don’t come out right, just try again. There is a lot of trial and error but you will figure out what works for you. Also stop comparing your hair to others and just love what grows out of your head. Embrace and love yourself! If you want to give up, just think of how far you have come already.  Think of the reason you first wanted to go natural and let that be your motivation again.


What’s your truth on a common myth you see circulating in the natural hair community?
That you have to cut off all your hair and BIG CHOP to go natural. To me this wasn’t the case, I transitioned.
Yes, it’s tough having the two textures but I was still able to become natural.
How can we find you?
You can find me on—
Instagram: @Actually_Ashly

Twitter & Snap: UmAshly

Favorite motivational quote…
If God put you to it, he can get you through it.


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