Embrace Your Natural

The hardest part about the natural hair journey is the mental part.

The moment you accept your texture and realize it’s beauty is the moment in your journey when you’ll discover how to get it healthy and flourishing. –Daye

Check out these perm rod set results from me and my ladies @WestAfricanBaby and @Actually_Ashly of Instagram. We range from curly to kinky in textures but all produced amazing curls!

One of the things I hate about the Natural Hair Community is the texture discrimination (texturism) that takes place. There is a lack of equal representation between the Type 4 haired women and Type 3 haired women that circulates in the NHC and Type 3 chicks dominate. There’s also this notion that some Type 4 hair cannot achieve equally beautiful results. This is nothing new so I’m not going to get deep into why this happens because we all know that our societal standards of beauty have been formed from European standards and obviously “mixed,” “curly,” ‘wavy” hair are closer to those standards so they are more “preferred.”

I often receive/see comments from women saying they hate their hair, they wish they had another texture so it would “act right” or that they just don’t have “good hair.” Well I feel obligated to address this and I do as I get them but this is it in blog format.

First of all, “GOOD HAIR” IS HEALTHY HAIR. Period. Good hair is not determined by texture nor length.

I have good hair I have African in me
I have good hair I have African in me

Second, there is no natural hair product in this world, outside of using chemicals, that will change your texture. Products may soften your hair and even define your curl pattern but your natural texture will remain that same, and trying to alter your curl pattern is NOT NATURAL.


Thirdly, Type 4 is beautiful in texture. No more or less than Type 3 in my eyes. If it’s healthy and flourishing, its beautiful hair. The fact that there are so many variations in textures is the most beautiful thing about the NHC.


Fourth, with all that being said, once you embrace your natural for what it is and what it isn’t, your journey will get easier. You’ll realize you don’t have to use products that don’t better your hair just because your favorite blogger (including myself) does because all products don’t work the same for everyone. You’ll get more in tune with what your hair needs and develop your own regimen because everyone’s hair is unique therefor regimens should be unique. You’ll realize you don’t need long, loose shaped curls to feel like proud of your crown.

natural hair crown

TL;DR accept our differences, embrace your hair for what it is and what it is not because changing your texture it is NOT NATURAL. Health is the only factor that determines “good hair” not how loose and long it is. My intent with this is not bash anyone or discredit any Type 3 hair chicks (even I have type 3 and type 4 patterns), I just want women to accept with they have and broaden their beauty spectrum.

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