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about moi!

Hey, what’s up, hello!

I am Daye, known as DayeLaSoul on social media! I’m 25 years old, a college grad with a BA in Sociology, currently holding a career in community involvement, with two doggies and a kitty cat. Oh and I’m also a hair enthusiast turned Influencer and now officially a blogger!!!

I created the “SoulNaturalBlog by Daye” in order to expand as a brand. As much as I love me some Instagram, it’s safe to say I have outgrown letting Instagram be my primary source of content. My hope is that SoulNaturalBlog is not only a source for my supporters to find my tips, reviews, styles and tutorials by yours truly. I aim to feature some of my favorite Naturalistas and social media figures as well as to promote an environment to discuss cultural and social climate.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

If you are a company and wish to contact me, please visit my “Business Inquiries” page.


(frequently ask questions)

  1. What is my hair type?  I have semi-low porous, dense, kinky coily hair, with tighter coils in the back and loser ones in the front. I do not support the hair type chart fixation so I don’t categorize my hair.
  2. Did I transition or big chop/How long have I been on my journey? I started  transitioning from relaxed to natural in 2011 but I was heat damaging my hair until late 2014 at which point I did about 6-8 months of mainly protective styling, let go of the blow dryer, and weaned myself off the straightener.
  3. What products do I use/recommend? I’m a product junkie and my “staple” product changes every few weeks. If you’d like to see my current product of choice, please check out my product reviews! I can’t make assessments for anyone else’s hair, I can only tell what I’ve used and how it’s benefited me. All natural hair is different and there is no miracle product unfortunately but I will continue to bring you products I believe in and I love to hear people’s feedback.
  4. What is my night time routine? To preserve just about all of my curls, with a snug-sized bonnet, I bonnet my curls so that they are positioned upward, leaving my edges exposed, then tie a scarf around my edges. No, I do not sleep a particular way, I actually sleep pretty wild LOL. (I will do a post on this).
  5. How do I moisturize my hair? I use the LCO adaptation of the LOC Method (click for knowledge), sometimes I skip the oil though.
  6. What color is your hair? I go to a salon that specializes in natural hair care for coloring and show pictures of what I want and they make the magic happen. Anything from 2014 (the extremely light blondes) are attempts to sombré my hair from brown to ash blonde/grey, which I actually hit twice but both faded to green after a few days so I had to return back. High volumes and bleach were used. Anything before November 2015 is me growing out the over processed hair so it’s ranging from blonde to light brown as it grows out and I cut. Currently, I have “blood orange,” and reds fade quick so it will fade to orange-brown as time goes.
  7. Tips for new bloggers? Follow your gut, stay focused on your truth and journey, and remain humble. I recommend following some branding and media coaches for advise on professionalism and tool recommendations. I am literally just following my instinct and passion while paying attention to what I believe is needed in the natural hair community so that my content remains unique.