Curlkalon Hair Collection Demo

Check out a full tutorial on how to install, style and maintain Curlkalon Hair Collection’s pre-curled crochet braiding hair… And as bonus, I added some deets on how to protect and care for our actual hair when protective styling. sale code: DAYELASOUL15 (valid until 06/10/2016) Video Includes: Hair selection Installation Cutting/Styling AM/PM Routine Hair … Continue reading Curlkalon Hair Collection Demo


Embrace Your Natural

The hardest part about the natural hair journey is the mental part. The moment you accept your texture and realize it’s beauty is the moment in your journey when you’ll discover how to get it healthy and flourishing. –Daye Check out these perm rod set results from me and my ladies @WestAfricanBaby and @Actually_Ashly of … Continue reading Embrace Your Natural


@Actually_Ashly Feature

Meet this beautiful soul, @Actually_Ashly Tell us about your journey… Ashly Rodriguez. Located in Boston, Ma. I’ve been natural for 1 year and 7 months. What made me return to natural was because my hair was starting to break off because all I did was straighten it.  I transitioned by accident. I moved and couldn’t … Continue reading @Actually_Ashly Feature



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Understanding Natural Hair (texture, porosity, density, and more)

There’s so much more to know about our natural hair than categorizing it into a type… –Daye Here’s a breakdown of Hair Typing (curl patterns), knowing your Hair’s Condition and the value in knowing one versus the other when it comes to our natural hair. All of this is information I’ve found on Google combined with my … Continue reading Understanding Natural Hair (texture, porosity, density, and more)